Tartufo ice cream since 1946

The original recipe from 1946

The “Tartufo” is a chocolate ice-cream truffle whose flavours conjure memories of long ago. It is a classic dessert in the Roman tradition but was created at Tre Scalini and is therefore widely-known as the “Tartufo Tre Scalini”.

The recipe, first created in 1946 by the head of the Ciampini family, incorporates 13 varieties of Swiss chocolate and remains a secret to this day, despite numerous attempts to replicate it.

The “Tartufo”, still prepared according to this secret recipe by our master ice-cream maker, is served with a generous helping of whipped cream and a crispy wafer and can be enjoyed throughout the year.

As many have said, it must be tried at least one in a lifetime.

tre scalini foto storica