The historic venue in Piazza Navona

Tre Scalini has been situated in Piazza Navona since 1815, founded as an inn with a licence from the Holy See, granted by the Chamberlain of the Holy Roman Church.


The “Tartufo”

The recipe for its famed speciality, the “Tartufo”, first created in 1946 by the head of the Ciampini family, incorporates 13 varieties of Swiss chocolate and remains a secret to this day, despite numerous attempts to replicate it. The “Tartufo” Tre Scalini is still prepared according to this secret recipe by our master ice-cream maker, and is served with a generous helping of whipped cream and a crispy wafer.

tre scalini foto storica

Trescalini dalla “Dolce Vita” ad oggi

It has borne witness to the excitement of the “Dolce Vita” of the 1950’s when its tables were filled by the celebrities of the time, paparazzi in tow.

Today, Tre Scalini is an elegant, yet informal, cafe’-restaurant and ice-cream parlour whose tables overlook Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers, and is a must for all Romans and tourists passing through Piazza Navona.

Tre Scalini worldwide

The historic location of Tre Scalini is Piazza Navona N.28 – Rome.
Tre Scalini becomes an international brand in order to promoting its philosophy, which combines tradition and innovation by proposing an experience of contemporary Italian taste to the public of the world’s major cities.